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The Art of Recovery book

The Art of Recovery does not offer any solutions, or new ideas. It only attempts to provide a glimpse at some of the issues that those in early recovery, and recovery in general, may be concerned with. They are the same issues everyone deals with. For some, the term recovery is synonymous with addiction. For others, including myself, recovery has to do with the restoration of living usefully.

For those in the early stages of recovery, this book may illustrate the reality that they are far from being alone in their feelings. For those who have lived in recovery for a while, it may serve as a reminder of their early work, and the idea that recovery continues as long as you want it to.

Many of us are affected, in one way or another, by assorted addictions. Families and friends can easily go down with the ship. My hope is that this collection of expression provides a little understanding.   -Roger


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“Artful but also invaluable.”

Rick Kogan Chicago Tribune/WGN Radio



“The Art of Recovery” by Roger Moy is a wonderful book showcasing the important contributions that art therapy makes towards a client’s recovery program.  Moy’s book gives the reader a snapshot of the important work that’s done in treatment like at New Hope Recovery Center where we have found art therapy to be a wonderful addition to our holistic approach to addiction treatment – mind, body and spirit. Art therapy encourages self-expression, self-discovery and emotional growth and is a wonderful adjunct approach to the treatment of addiction. Individuals are encouraged to visualize, and then create, the thoughts and emotions that they cannot talk about in a traditional therapeutic setting.

Jeff Zacharias, LCSW, CAADC, BRI-I, CSAT Candidate President – Clinical Director New Hope Recovery Center 


I have known Roger Moy both personally and professionally. His passion for using art therapy in helping individuals recovering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction is always apparent. Roger has a unique ability in helping others express their feelings through the use of art therapy. Roger has a unique prospective and understanding of the individuals’ he works with. Additionally, Roger makes a great friend.

Jake Epperly, President Care Addiction Treatment Program


The Art of Recovery by Roger Moy is an important addition to the landscape of healing options for people recovering from addiciton. Expression through art is an alternative way of unearthing powerful and deeply held feelings like shame and isloation. The creative process gives light to these feelings, loosening their grip, giving way to hope and healing.The act of bearing witness to someone’s story is in and of itself meaningful. Roger guides people through the sojoun of self-expression through creation with compassion and respect. He makes all of this possible and accessible through his sensitive and beautifully written book.


Mary Lou Coyle, LCSW