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My Addictions

My Addictions By the time I was 7 years old, I had been introduced to and discovered I liked the taste of alcoholic beverages. I knew that beer tasted great with boiled shrimp, and that wine was good with anything cooked in butter or had a red sauce. I also knew that champagne meant holiday […]

My New Job

My New Job   I left our house to go to work. That’s it. Didn’t notice my environment, my studio stuff, nothing. I just got in our car and drove a few miles to work.   My new job is conducting art therapy sessions for the Franciscan Outreach Day Program, a facility for the homeless, […]

But I was only hurting myself. 3

I’m sure I’m not alone in having assumed that my drinking affected me and me alone. It didn’t take much sober time to realize that all of my actions had the potential to effect others (usually those closest to me, the people I loved). Having never given this idea much thought, I was in the […]

Thoughts from others 1

Jeff Zacharias, LCSW, CAADC, BRI-I, CSAT Candidate President – Clinical Director New Hope Recovery Center 2835 N. Sheffield Ave., Suite 304 Chicago, IL  60657 773-883-3912 (office) 773-442-0777 (fax) New Hope Recovery Center strongly believes in a holistic approach to recovery from addiction – mind, body and soul.  An important piece of recovery from […]

From the Curator

INTENT I believe this book offers a glimpse into the minds of individuals in the early stages of recovery from substance abuse. With the exception of the “Where Would You Rather Be?” section, the exercises are time specific. That is, these images represent only the feelings and emotions occurring at the time of their execution. […]