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Jeff Zacharias, LCSW, CAADC, BRI-I, CSAT Candidate

President – Clinical Director

New Hope Recovery Center

2835 N. Sheffield Ave., Suite 304

Chicago, IL  60657

773-883-3912 (office)

773-442-0777 (fax)

New Hope Recovery Center strongly believes in a holistic approach to recovery from addiction – mind, body and soul.  An important piece of recovery from addiction is the expression of feelings and thoughts that have been covered up with the use of drugs and alcohol.  For some, traditional talk therapy is key to  that healing but for others we have to explore other avenues to help them unlock the same results.  One of the key ways we have found to unlock those feelings is through the use of art therapy.  Art therapy has been shown to be a beneficial aide in self-discovery and the promotion of personal well being in early recovery.  TheAmerican Art Therapy Association defines art therapy as the use of art to explore feelings, manage behaviors, foster self-awareness, develop social skills, reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem, and reconcile emotional conflicts.  Art therapy assists in uncovering memories, feelings, and thought processes that led to negative behaviors or consequences, and is therefore helpful in addiction treatment.  The benefits of art therapy as a therapeutic tool are innumerable and would be a wonderful adjunct to anyone’s recovery.


 Mark O’Brian

Merging Adult Program Coordinator

New Hope Recovery Center

Chicago, Il,

Art therapy is imperative to recovery.It was a big part of my residential experience and I really learned a lot through the assignments I was given; I am glad to continue art therapy in IOP.

Art is so therapeutic and talking about it helps.It was instrumental for all of us to get issues to surface.





My experience in treatment was mostly a blur.  I was doing a lot of searching and became frustrated when I couldn’t find all the answers.  I needed to escape, but I knew drugs and alcohol were no longer viable options.  Once a road to freedom, now a sure dead end.  Faced with inner conflict, uncertainty, and fear I turned to a place where there are no right answers or wrong answer.  Art and music.  There was no judge or jury, no laws or guidelines, and no rewards or consequences.  There was just a blank slate.  An opportunity for expression.  An outlet for emotion or lack thereof.  A place as near or far as I wanted to go.  I leaned heavily on art and music and acquired a different perspective on many things both tangible and intangible.  In the end I was able to find a balance that remains critical to my sobriety 1.5 years later.  For that I am grateful.



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